Acai Grapes

Acai Gelato X Sunset Sherbet
Pack Size

3 Pack, 6 Pack, 12 Pack, 24 Pack

Strain Type

Sativa Hybrid

Flowering Time

8-9 weeks





Yield (Indoor)

400 gr/m²

Yield (Outdoor)

500-550 gr/plant

Acai Grapes might seem new to most growers but don’t underestimate it. With Sunset Sherbet, a well-known variety among its genetic ancestry, you can bet Acai Grapes is not here to fill in the numbers. We bred Acai Grapes by crossing Acai Gelato with Sunset sherbet, the two parent strains giving it most of its traits. Acai Gelato features significantly dense nugs growing in tight bunches. Contrarily, Sunset Sherbet is famous for its calming qualities and unique background.

As a result of the sturdy genetics passed down from its parents, the Acai Grapes strain can be grown successfully in indoor or outdoor settings by cultivators. In addition, the cannabis may be harvested in 9 or 10 weeks with a blooming period of 8-9 weeks. Culturing Acai Grapes is not very difficult; nonetheless, gardeners will need to employ several training strategies, including pruning and trimming, to improve the plant’s general development and ventilation and exposure to light. When the time comes to harvest your crop, Acai Grapes will ensure that you have a grin on your face as long as you have diligently managed your crop.

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